Here are the category, Rules were violated according to:

 Internet ­fraud / Pornography / Child pornography / Copyright violation / Spam-­mailing

This document describes the procedure of receipt, processing and tracking of abuse-related complaints.

Registrar abuse contacts:
Tel: +55 (13) 3231-8999

  • Upon receipt of abuse complaint , it is reviewed by a customer support specialist within 24 hours.
  • If the complaint is applicable, the customer support specialist contacts service account owner, using the email address which had been specified during domain registration and requests documents that proves the identity . If the domain Administrator fails to reply within 15 days, the further steps and suspends the service until the identity proof is received.
  • In case when suspension or deletion is required, coordinates its actions with a registry.
  • Upon the completion of abuse complaint processing, the records about the incident for at least two years, as per p. 3.18.3 of ICANN Registrar Accreditation Agreement 2013.
  • otifies a complainant about the results of abuse complaint review.

In case the review of a particular complaint is not in the field of competence, then it informs the complainant about authorities or organizations to which this complaint could be forwarded.
abuse contacts:

Internet Fraud

Internet ­fraud

Description of the violation

Internet fraud ­ includes all the machinations and deceptions produced with the help of the world network Internet. The most common types of Internet fraud are:

  • phishing the aim is to gain access to confidential user data (hacking and password theft, theft of credit card numbers and other banking details);
  • the spread of malicious software distribution of programs intended for the unauthorized destruction, blocking, modification, copying of computer information or neutralize the protection of computer information.
  • pharming client redirection to a false IP­ address (fake website).

Pornography / Child pornography

Description of the violation

Pornographic materials or items ­ is a pictorial, graphic, literary, musical and other works, the basic content of which is roughly naturalistic detailed image of the anatomical and / or physiological details of sexual relations. Child pornography ­ pornographic materials involving minors. Illegal pornographic information is the production of a pornographic nature

in the following categories:

  • sex with animals;
  • child pornography, including sex with persons under the age of majority;
  • necrophilic pornography.

Copyright violation

Description of the violation

A violation of copyright means a violation related to the placement of information on the website, or violations related to the illegal use of designations of a trademark right holder in a domain name. In determining subject of violations, the nature of the violation must be clearly delineate, namely is necessary to define: violation of the exclusive rights is the result of placing the information on the website or violation of the exclusive rights is the result of use in the domain name a symbolic designation, similar to a trademark (service mark).


Description of the violation

Spam mailing ­ is a massive (up to several million addresses) sending with unsolicited by recipient commercial or other information. This mailing is characterized by the absence of the prior consent of the recipient to receive the message and opportunity to stop receiving similar messages in the future.